A Review To A trusted Online Site

A Review To A trusted Online Site

ZonaPoker is one of the online review gambling sites that has a reliable information. The main mission of ZonaPoker is to discuss the online poker sites, bandarq, and dominoqq that provides the best service.

The Best Online Sites

There are not many in numbers in Indonesia that has the best online poker sites. Only 5% of it is really able to provide the best service from the total online gambling site that stands today. If there are 4,000 poker site that stands today, then the number of poker online terpercaya sites is only 5% or 200 sites only. It is difficult for a potential player or members who have long known the game of poker. Returning a little backward, poker game has actually gained its fame. The famous facebook application Zynga Poker was the beginning of the famous poker game known in Indonesia. But the popularity of it is slowly fading and its position was replaced by poker sites that actually use real money and this innovation arises and triggered by some online gambling bosses who are in Asian countries that continues to grow and famous as of today.

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The Customer Service

It helps to check the quality of customer service first before deciding to play on a site. Check if the customer service is always active 24 hours per day and if they can be contacted easily via BBM, Livechat, Email, or Phone. In addition to this, you can also make sure when the Customer Service is able to provide professional, polite answers, and solutions to questions owned by members. Do not try to register yourself on the poker site if this can not be met by the admin.

The Bonus Games

The main attraction that can be offered by the best poker site is none other than a bonus for the members. It is not a surprise that the online gambling sites in Indonesia are competing to give a bonus that is large in numbers and captivating. But be careful when looking for poker sites that offer too great bonuses / too good to be true. Do not be captivated to focus on the great bonuses that are offered but also try to check the quality of the poker site. Make sure that the site gives you a bonus within reasonable limits and not fake sites that try to and do fraud. The biggest bonus that is allowed now is a cashback of 0.5%, and referral of 20%.