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As we all know, gambling and betting have been a part of our lives and culture for ages, with its instances dating back from as old as Mahabharat. However, with the advancement in mobile technology in India and the power of the internet being at everyone’s disposal and that too at cheap and affordable internet rates, the gambling culture has taken up a new platform. It has a name to it: online gambling and has become a favourite pastime these days. More and more Indians are switching to online gambling, so here are few questions that need to be addressed.

What is Online Gambling?

Online gambling refers to the act of placement of bets via the internet to earn money, just as one would do in a casino, but the only difference it brings is that we do it in a virtual environment.

Several online games are available on various online betting platforms,including games like poker, taruhan bola, sports games, casino games, dice games, etc. Users bet on certain outcomes, and the payment mode being debit, credit cards, internet banking and or UPI.

Is Online Gambling and Online Gaming the same thing?

The major difference between online gaming and online gambling is that the prior is done as a leisure activity; however, the latter is used to earn money; this is the thin line that differentiates the two. Furthermore, the former requires skill and practice, while the latter is solely based on luck and probability.

Is Online Gambling legal in India

The gambling laws in India are confusing because there’s an unclear distinction between ‘game of skill’ and ‘game of chance’.

According to the law, bets placed on a game of skill are legal, whereas bets on a game of chance are a criminal offence, and these very terms lead to a confusion of a great scale while defining which game is skill-based or chance-based.

Are these Gambling apps available on the play store?

Google does not consider ‘India’ in the list of countries where gambling apps are allowed.Instead, the tech giant has permitted several countries like the United States of America, Japan, Germany, Canada, Belgium etc., for its servers. Still, India fails to make a list, and the reason for this is the agitation by the state governments against these apps and their directives on an outright ban. This has led to the termination of a few famous gaming apps from the play store.