Playing Online Poker

Online Vs Offline Poker

When the poker game is played on the internet, it is called online poker.

Online poker has gained popularity in recent years because of its numerous advantages. There are many pointers which differentiate this from the traditional way of playing.

Here are some of the differences-

Direct interaction

One of the significant differences between online and offline poker is that in online poker the players cannot observe each other’s body language or subtleties as they do not sit right across one another.

Networking opportunity

In traditional poker, the players get to meet new people at casinos, and this enables networking. This opportunity is not available in online poker games.

Cost involved

When compared to offline poker, online poker is economical to play. Players in the online game can play at their homes and do not have to travel to casinos for a game. Also, the equipment needed to play this is very less- a decent Personal Computer or a laptop and an internet connection.

The costs incurred at a casino are more because of need to tip the dealers and servers and consumption of expensive food and beverages.

Level of difficulty

Online poker games are difficult to play when compared to the traditional poker games and tend to be more aggressive.

The pace of the game

Online poker is a fast-paced game compared to its traditional counterparts. Here the dealing and shuffling of cards is a fast process which takes just a few microseconds. All the actions happen at the click of a button.

The offline game involves delays as the dealer has to shuffle and deal the cards manually.

Playing Online Poker

Initial investment

Players can play several free money poker games are available online, without the risk of losing any money. Here, the opening of each table costs very minimal cost, and the players can earn decent money without having to invest a lot.

Ability to multi-table

In online poker, players can play at more than one table at a time and earn loads of money in a short duration. This is possible if the players can take quality decisions in a jiffy.

In a traditional poker game, it is impossible to play at more than one table at a time. Hence, the profit is reduced.

Added incentives

Online poker rooms offer several added benefits such as VIP bonus, welcome bonus, and reload bonus.

These rooms also offer rakeback- the process of getting a portion of the money which is raked from the players’ actual pot.


Unlike the traditional game, online games can be played anywhere and anytime. Players can choose to play a wide variety of games at their comfort without any time constraints.

Presence of distractions

In online games, players are usually by themselves, and they don’t have any distractions to deal with. Hence, the players can concentrate on their game without any hustle.

Identity of players

In online poker games, the players can choose to be anonymous which is highly challenging in the traditional game.

Both online and offline poker have their pros and cons. Choose the best online poker room, like poker online terbaik, and have a great time.