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Playing Dice Game: No Deposit Required

Playing games online is one of the most challenging activities. Playing casino games top-rated online gambling that many people are engaged with recently. Gone were the days that casinos are money-stealing activity. From the time that the people have started to gamble, they find out that it is the player who let the money gets lost, not the casino. If you have self-discipline and knows your limit, you can’t be in deep debt due to playing in the casino. One of the fun games in the casino is the dice game.  น้ำเต้าปูปลา is a dice game variant that any casino member can start playing and betting.

The dice game variant

With many dice games variants available in the casino, Sic Bo is one of the most popular ones. When you are a player of Sic Bo, no doubt, you will like เล่นน้ำเต้าปูปลาออนไลน์ a too. The game is very much the same with the format of Sic Bo. It is a game of 3 dices inside a transparent device which will be shaken and drawn on the player’s bet. These 3 dices have different symbols in each face associated with colors and numbers/points.

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Prediction, payouts and betting styles

The game has 8 betting styles. So, the player needs to make sure that he/she is aware and familiar with these betting styles to understand the payouts.

  • Teng Teng. It is a 1 symbol prediction. If you bet on “Crab”, and all 1 dice comes out the same symbol, then the payout rate is 1 time. If in case it is 2 “Crab”, the payout will be 2 times.
  • The 2 bets. In this style of bet, you will have two types of predictions. A “Tiger” and “Chicken”, if the dice are Tiger and Chicken, then both have a payout of 5 times.
  • Double or repeat ball. This betting style is about guessing 1 type of symbol. For example, you will guess a “Crab”. All the 3 dices have to give a “Crab” face result. There will be a payout rate of 8 times of two-thirds of the dice.
  • Bet on Odd/Even. This betting style has a pay rate of 1 time. Determine the total points whether it will be odd or even by predicting the sum of the 3 dices.
  • Under or Over bets. The betting style if predicting the sum of the 3 dices. It has a 1-time payout. For high total points, 11-17 and the low points 4-10.
  • Color bet. Guessing the color of dice what will come out. For 1 color, it has a payout rate of 1. For 2 color prediction, it has a payout rate of 3.
  • Combination bet. It is about predicting the sum of the 3 dices between 4-17. There will be a high and small payout rate. The payout rate would be 4-50 times.