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Razz the Poker night away

            There are numerous types of sbobet888 games out there, and it is difficult to choose the best as it differs on your preference, but one of the popular games out there is a game called Razz, if you want to learn to play this game then it’s best if you learned how to play 7-Card Stud, if you already know then that’s great for you, it makes playing Razz a hundred times easier. This game is a classic, and more prominent with the older generation, so if you plan on playing it you’ll find that you’ll have to play with the older folk.

What is Razz?

            To begin with the Razz is commonly know as a lowball game, this is where the card rankings are flipped upside down. So the highest valued cards are now the lowest, and the lowest is the highest. The goal of this game is to make the worst possible move hypothetically speaking. You need to know how to play 7-Card Stud because Razz is played the exact same way except for the valuations of the cards. This game also has a fixed limit, and you win by having the best 5 cards on the 7th bet, or more commonly know as the seventh street.

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The advantages of this game?

            When it comes to Razz poker there are a couple of advantages which could be beneficial for you. Like it improves your observation skills, just like in Stud, it opens up your sense more vividly so that you can gain an idea about your opponent. Not only that, but this game is super easy to learn and it doesn’t go to fast so you can learn as you play along. And it is also said that lowball games are a blast if you have never tried it. This could because many could get confused and there is just a kick of amusement in that.

What are the disadvantages?

            Just like anything if there are gains there are also losses affiliated as well. In Razz one of the cons is that it is too slow of a game, and when it’s too slow people get bored easily. They want something fast and fun, which will make there socks fly off. That’s what is entertaining it some people. Also the amount of Razz games live are limited, so it may take you a good couple of hours to find one, but fear not there are plenty online. So other than this it is an interesting game.