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Steam tower slot event is an online casino event available in mega888. The tournament is really fascinating with the enthusiastic graphics and great background melody music. Tournament is really simple to recognize and can earn cash by placing wagers in the wager slots provided in the tournament.

Know more about the game

Steam tower competition is an easy tournament to play and earn cash. The outfit contains three upright layers and five straight spinning wheels. The suit is in colour coded with brown and delightful background. On the board  right side of the wheel there is a turn button which is used to whirl the wheels after the position of the wagering amount. At the underside of the chart there are some symbols like menu button sound button and home button. There is a presentation of  sum of currencies usable and the bet proportion. Just down to this one black colour column showing the currency that player win, wager amount and earnings. Player can alter the wager category and coin amount in the allotted selector choices accessible in the menu bar. There is an self  Play option accessible in the refined settings application. The suit includes various symbols like  dragon eye,harpon symbols, team tower and alphabets and many more will be displayed on whirling the wheel.

Process to play and earn money

Earning mixtures and pay streaks are distinct according to the chart. To win money in this tournament you have to deposit money into your account through anyone if the payment methods. There are numerous and safe methods if depositing the money. The added money will be immediately credited into your account that was created after the installation of the app. To win money in this game you have to get the winning combinations that were previously created by the app creators to win the game. There are several wining combinations and you have high chances if winning in this game. Some wining combination provide huge amount of returns that we won’t expect. To win huge amount of money in this tournament you have to get the rare type of combinations that won’t come easily. There are several minimal returns through this game and have high chances of winning in every round. These wining amount can be transferred to your account by transferring to your bank account that was given while creating account.