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Promotion of a poker affiliate program: what is important?

When promoting poker affiliate programs, you should try to find the most appropriate option for your site. As online poker grows, there are many alternatives, and finding the right affiliate program is not always obvious. The most important factor, despite the fact that many publishers might think, is not necessarily the amount of commission received when attracting players to the poker room, but the quality of the site itself.

To make the right decision, you need a general understanding of poker, both online and offline.

What do people look for when choosing a poker room? Looking only at the commission structure for the affiliate program will give you little information, if any, on how potential players will see the poker site in question. Instead, you should try to discover what players pay attention to when choosing a place to play poker.

If you have a clear idea of ​​what your visitors are looking for, it is easier to find an affiliate program that meets your requirements, but often you need to focus on a more general visitor; A visitor you don’t know much about. To maximize your income, you must observe the factors that most potential players are looking for.

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While poker was generally interested in all types of media, the focus is on Texas Hold’em. With that in mind, it should be obvious that you are choosing a poker room with Hold’em. Fortunately, most poker rooms, if not all, focus on this game, so if you don’t find a very strange poker room, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Depending on your website and audience, you can find out if your average visitor is new to poker, has experience or is somewhere in between. If you are attracting newcomers, of course, you should choose an affiliate program with promotional material designed for curious people who want to play poker online. This is mainly done with high-registration bonuses and low-risk tables, but several poker rooms offer, as they call it, training in most poker games. Some Situs Judi go one step further and there are many free games, articles about poker wins and poker schools for new players.


If, instead, you are looking at a player with experience in online poker, you need to see what he wants. Most of the time, these players are very focused on what they want, and if you can’t provide them with this information, they will look for it elsewhere. A very important factor for experienced players is the rake. This is even true if you are lucky enough to attract people who play poker with high stakes. It seems that a small difference in the rake percentage will soon generate large sums if you regularly play at the table with high stakes.