The Amazing Bonus Prices Of Agenasia88

The Amazing Bonus Prices Of Agenasia88 is one of the most trusted sites for Judi Online. This is also the best site for Casino Online, Bola Agila or  agen bola tangkas, and even Poker Online. If you are a fan of Online football, this is the site to go to ever since 2012. They service their loyal customers and these players trust them back for betting or maybe casino gambling.

The Agenasia88 provides 24-hour service and they have a team of knowledgeable staff who can assist you in making your online gaming experience worth your while. To enjoy the best experience with Agenasia88, you need to know the best game bonuses that they offer. So here are the current bonus prices that this online casino site offers.

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20% New Member Deposit – All Sportsbook and Casino

This bonus applies to new members of Agenasia88 only. This bonus is applied to Sportsbook and Casino games. The 20% bonus will be given on the first deposit and also when you are making a credit or a withdrawal. Terms are applicable to this bonus. You must be able to reach a credit that is 4 times your total deposit. The New Member deposit requirement is Rp 200,000. So when calculating your bonus it will be 4 X 200,000 = Rp 800,000. The maximum deposit that can be made is as much as Rp 5,000,000.

The Friends Referral 5% BonusCan Be Applied To All Sportsbook, Casino, Fish Sheets and Chicken Square

This 5% Bonus when you refer a friend is applicated to friends who have NEVER registered and has no data at Agenasia88. Inform your friend that upon registration to choose a reference from “friends”. You also have to inform the customer service that you have referred a friend for data purposes. The maximum bonus that can be given will be Rp 5,000,000 for each friend that you refer. So for example, when you bring in 3 new members, the maximum cashback that you can receive will be Rp 3 X 5,000,000 = Rp 15,000,000.

When choosing an online game site, you have to make sure that you are choosing the one that you can trust. You should be able to entrust your personal information as well as your deposits made. If you are looking for a reputable online gaming site, choose Agenasia88. They have been serving their customers for a long time now, so they know what each of their players needs when it comes to the quality of the games and the service that they can offer.