The legend of the cockfighting

Cockfights are considered blood sports. Two roosters are made to fight each other in a ring called the cockpit. Cockfights were first seen in the Indus Valley civilization in 2000. The game was popular in India, China, Persia and then was introduced in Greece in 524 to 460 years. BC In India, in the Tamil regions, this was recognized as one of the 64 art forms, and the fight was carried out using jungle birds. The Romans also took it. It is said that many Romans spent most of their time near the cabin. 

Roosters are grown to fight

The beaks were well prepared and were of a particular breed, and they were given proper attention until the age of two. The rates were set. The fights were of two types: one with a small knife, tied, like a bracelet, to the ankle of the penis, where the Spurs are, and the other with only one.

Two types of battles

In some cases, the fight is to death, and in others, with bare heels. The fights of death, each of which lasts twenty minutes, consist of three rounds with a break of twenty minutes. The regular battles will be four rounds of 15 minutes, each with a fifteen-minute break.

Prohibited in Europe 

The fight against the roosters is considered the monstrous sport of activists of the rights of animals and animals and others; This is because the birds are subjected to high physical torture, which they inflict on each other. These days cockfights are banned in Europe and the United States.

Cockfighting and betting

Cockfights are still held in many countries of South America. Cockfights take place in places where there are places for spectators around the ring. The rates occur in these cockfights. Cockfighting is classified in sports such as baseball and American football.


In Bali, cockfights are known as tadgens, and although they have been banned since 1981, they are still being celebrated, but only for religious reasons. In Bali, there is an ancient ritual that requires bloodshed, so they use cockfighting to shed blood. The spilled blood is offered to the evil spirits. Women are not even allowed to see fights. The roosters fight with a sharp knife called Taji. 

Great potential for future games of chance.

Cockfighting in s128 was a sport of antiquity, and even now it attracts large crowds. It is also considered a sport that is associated with religious rites. The cockfighting becomes an excellent stage for the game.