Poker Club at Home

How to Start your own Poker Club at Home

Hosting a Poker Club at home is the best way to bond with family and friends. The exciting part about it is you can arrange the games however you want. Although it may seem easy to some, it takes more than a couple of beers and a deck of cards to get started.

You will need a decent playing surface, the right mix of people, and of course, your chips. That’s just for starters, but what about others?

Playing poker at home definitely will take the pressure off playing at a casino, but you will still need to set limits, blinds, suggestions for a starting stack, and yes, whether you like it or not – follow the rules.

Don’t worry, though; in this guide, we’ll teach you how to host the perfect poker club night—starting from attracting your friends, serving snacks, and keeping everyone’s mindset friendly. 

Choosing your Game Variation  

Before you think about inviting people to your place for poker night, you need to take a few minutes to consider covering the basics. Of course, this doesn’t relate to the choice of chips to buy (pun intended), but what kind of poker to play.

Here are some of the best variations that you can choose from

seven card stud

  1. Texas Hold ’em – This game is a conventional poker variant that is popular among high rollers. The players will have two cards each. Five other community cards in the middle of the table facing up. The person with the most reliable five cards in hand wins the game. This game can have 1 or 2 hold cards or a community of 3 or 4 cards.
  2. Seven Card Stud – At one point, this type of poker game was a prevalent variant. Each player has three cards. Two of those cards will be faced down. The player that has the lowest card among the others that are facing upwards starts with the betting. In this poker game, there will be no need for community cards. Each player is given seven cards in total with the chance to bet in between rounds. The player with the most reliable five cards wins the game.
  3. Omaha – For this poker variant, each player will have four hole cards. All players have to make a hand with three community cards and two hole cards. Similar to Texas Hold ’em, all the betting takes place in each round. The three community cards dealt upfront and one in the next two rounds of betting.

Choosing the best poker games to play for your home poker club will be entirely up to you. If you need a recommendation, though, you should always stick to Texas Hold ’em. It has fewer cards to play, fewer rules, and one among the easiest to play.